Massive Update (July 10th – July 20th)

It is just to hard to update this blog with the kids! So I am just going to focus on updating with photos and videos instead of text. If I get time to to do text I will type in so when our family looks back on this we will have some more info on what we did.

Over these 10 days we went to Pioneer Days Negaunee, went to our cousin Jordan’s birthday party. I accepted the position of varsity boys basketball coach, we enjoyed the beach on many occasions, we enjoyed our backyard with water games and water fun. We removed 5 tons of gravel! Because they sent us the wrong gravel to cover the swing set area. We than moved 5 tons of gravel in. Big Brother 14 started and the wife and I are enjoying the cheesiness of this show in the summer. We updated the side of our house in the backyard. My brother Derek visited from Los Angeles. We enjoyed the beach again and again….

Onto the media (photos and videos)….


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