The Week That Was (June 30th – July 6th)

I will state this now, it is very hard to find a few good minutes to sit down and type a blog entry, I for one thought this would be very easy to do everyday, but before you know it a whole week has passed by without any entries. So I will review the entire week, and it was a busy one with the 4th of July in the middle of the week.

June 30th

Another hot day and another day at home. Jessica took the two older kids to the beach with some friends, and I stayed home with Sophia so she could nap and I could put in a retaining wall with some left over pea gravel in front of our deck.

Jessica and I continued our final approach on our Friends episodes seasons 1- 10. Soon we will be down to the final episodes.

July 1st – 6th

Just a blur this week was. We headed back to Ishpeming for the 4th of July. While there we swam a whole bunch at Papa Bruce and Grandma Connies house. We enjoyed some Congress Pizza. We went to the Ishpeming Independence Parade. We visited with relatives, we swam a whole bunch more, we went to Auntie Jaime’s house for the 4th for some BBQ. We stayed an extra day after the fireworks were rained out and we swam a bunch more. We finally enjoyed the fireworks on the 5th. On the 6th we came home and the kids slept all day while Jessica and I got some cleaning done around the house.

Several movies were watched during this time:

Jeff, Who Lives at Home: I watched this by myself on July 1st and it was a really good movie.

Skateland: I started this one and need to finish but so far really just an ok movie, we will see if that changes.

To end this post I will post all the pics from the week that shows the fun we had.


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