June 25th, 2012

Yesterday was a day that came with its own surprising to-do list.

The day started with a nice lift in the morning and following the lift I went home and the wife explained to me that an animal had gone No.2 in her new garden. We still had not fenced in the back part of yard. The big reason for this is because the neighbors have a metal roof that sends snow crashing into our backyard which ends up breaking any fence back there.

But we could no longer have animals in our yard doing their business with three young kids and a new garden! So project time.

The wife picked up supplies for a summer fence which we will take down before winter, so it won’t break, and she surprised me with materials for a new fire-pit area off of our deck. So its go time!

I started the projects at 1:30 and by 5:00 had finished them both! Not to shabby I must say! Pics to follow:

In addition I want to mention that the wife and I cranked out two more episodes of our epic FRIENDS marathon. We started watching an episode a night back in August of 2011 and vowed to watch all episodes in a row before watching any other shows. We are finally on Season 10 with only 11 episodes to go! I love this show and enjoyed watching it back when it aired live. The best season for me though is Season 1. Just something about that first season.

Next TV series we will watch at night will be Arrested Development.


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