June 9th, 10th (retroactive)

This post will deal with the first two days of our summer vacation….We had a very busy start to summer. We woke up and packed the van and headed to the Ishpeming/Negaunee area for a baptism and a birthday party.

On Saturday the 9th, we first stopped at our local mall for what was called a ‘Family Fun Day.’ At the fun day they served free food and pop to everyone and had several games set up in the mall for the kids. It was a nice little stop before heading on the road, hopefully enough to put the kids to nap while driving.

We spent the rest of Saturday at my parents house, where kids swam and hung out with their cousins. Certainly a lot of fun for the kiddos today!

On Sunday the 10th. We become Godparents again to our nephew Cooper. It was a great service, but wow was it hot in the church, which had no air conditioning.

Afterwards we headed out to a camp for a birthday party for our nephew Connor, who was turning five. The kids hung out with their other cousins, and again had a lot of fun. Everyone was exhausted to head back the two hours home. So everyone slept, well except me I drove us home:)….


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