June 28th, 2012

A very busy start to the day for the whole family. Everyone but Sophia had dentist appointments in the morning and Isaiah had his swim class at 11. Trying to manage all this with only one car could be difficult but we have a good handle on how to plan ahead.

Sophia and I went to Isaiah’s swim class for the first time and it was awesome to see him do so well swimming with only a noodle!

After the swim class, the wife took Isaiah to the beach, so Isaiah above all of us had the busiest day of all! After they came home we decided to go out to eat for supper and headed to a little place called Jim’s Pizza and ate on their outdoor patio. The pizza was delicious!

We finally came home and the kids played on their new swing set for awhile and I taught each of the older ones how to hit a baseball and swing a bat.

Awesome day!


June 26th, 27th

The past two days have been our lazy days for the week, nothing much getting done other than sitting in the backyard and enjoying the beautiful weather. We filled up a kids-size pool, broke out the slip and slide and grilled some chicken the 26th.

The wife made some amazing Strawberry Shortcake for dessert on the 26th, which tasted amazing! The kids had a blast playing with all the water games. Other ways we used to cool off on these two days: Water Gun battle, Water Balloon Fight, and sliding into the water pool off of the new slide!

On the 26th the wife and I watched 21 Jump Street which actually was quite funny and we both were able to stay up and watch the movie without falling asleep!

June 25th, 2012

Yesterday was a day that came with its own surprising to-do list.

The day started with a nice lift in the morning and following the lift I went home and the wife explained to me that an animal had gone No.2 in her new garden. We still had not fenced in the back part of yard. The big reason for this is because the neighbors have a metal roof that sends snow crashing into our backyard which ends up breaking any fence back there.

But we could no longer have animals in our yard doing their business with three young kids and a new garden! So project time.

The wife picked up supplies for a summer fence which we will take down before winter, so it won’t break, and she surprised me with materials for a new fire-pit area off of our deck. So its go time!

I started the projects at 1:30 and by 5:00 had finished them both! Not to shabby I must say! Pics to follow:

In addition I want to mention that the wife and I cranked out two more episodes of our epic FRIENDS marathon. We started watching an episode a night back in August of 2011 and vowed to watch all episodes in a row before watching any other shows. We are finally on Season 10 with only 11 episodes to go! I love this show and enjoyed watching it back when it aired live. The best season for me though is Season 1. Just something about that first season.

Next TV series we will watch at night will be Arrested Development.

June 9th, 10th (retroactive)

This post will deal with the first two days of our summer vacation….We had a very busy start to summer. We woke up and packed the van and headed to the Ishpeming/Negaunee area for a baptism and a birthday party.

On Saturday the 9th, we first stopped at our local mall for what was called a ‘Family Fun Day.’ At the fun day they served free food and pop to everyone and had several games set up in the mall for the kids. It was a nice little stop before heading on the road, hopefully enough to put the kids to nap while driving.

We spent the rest of Saturday at my parents house, where kids swam and hung out with their cousins. Certainly a lot of fun for the kiddos today!

On Sunday the 10th. We become Godparents again to our nephew Cooper. It was a great service, but wow was it hot in the church, which had no air conditioning.

Afterwards we headed out to a camp for a birthday party for our nephew Connor, who was turning five. The kids hung out with their other cousins, and again had a lot of fun. Everyone was exhausted to head back the two hours home. So everyone slept, well except me I drove us home:)….

June 24th, 20212

Yesterday was a Sunday and it was pretty much a lazy Sunday. We first tried to head down to the board-walk to bike and walk to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch, but one of the kids had other ideas and we had to turn around quickly.

After that I mowed the lawn, which takes way too long, but I guess with a big yard it will take long, plus you have to love having to pick up someone else’s pets droppings on your lawn before you start mowing!

After supper we headed to the park. Here Isaiah practiced biking on a two wheel bike and the girls enjoyed the jungle gyms!

A slightly cold day that certainly was relaxing after a very busy few days prior.